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Dry needling

Dry Needling

Dry Needling What is Dry Needling? Dry needling is a form of manual therapy treatment which involves the insertions of tiny sterile needles into a taut band of muscles fibres know as Myofascial Trigger points. This helps to reduce the muscle tone, tension and sensitivity. How are Trigger points formed? Trigger points are thought to […]

Top 3 knee injuries in Runners

5 Top Tips for Ankle Injuries (Includes Rehab Videos)

5 Top Tips for Ankle injuries Put ice on the ankle injury immediately Rest the ankle injury in an elevated position Load the ankle injury early Strengthen the ankle before you go back to sport running Strap up the ankle for the first time when going back and playing a sport. Your ankle injury will […]

Osteitis Pubis

Osteitis Pubis

WHAT IS OSTEITIS PUBIS? OP is the inflammation of the pubic symphysis bone, which is located in the front of the pelvis. Pain is located in this area or can refer into the inguinal area and/or groin. People suffering from OP experience pain coughing, sneezing and when stretching the adductors and hip flexors. They also […]

Children over train

Becoming Over Trained?

Hey folks I’ve decided to write a short blog on children injuries from ages 8-17. I’m seeing a lot of children of these ages coming into my clinic with a number of hip, knee and back injuries from over-training Now we all want our children to be happy and active, but when you child is […]

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