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When Should I Start Physio?

Here at the clinic we often get people contacting us asking when should I start physio after injury or when in pain. They often say: ‘’My pain is achy, sharp or dull’’ ‘’I can’t pinpoint it!’’ ‘’It started ages ago when I was…..’’ ‘’My pain is constant or it comes and goes with certain movements’’’ […]

5 Common Running Injuries

5 Common Running Injuries Athletes get weeks out from a Marathon Achilles Tendon Pain Plantar Heel Pain Hamstring Strain Runner’s Knee Iliotibial Band Syndrome Running is an easy and enjoyable form of exercise so it is no surprise that so many people like to run as part of their fitness regime.Unfortunately, running injuries are very […]

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A Guide for Returning to Exercise after Pregnancy

A guide for returning to Exercise after Pregnancy Returning to exercise after pregnancy can feel like torture at the very beginning! You may think; am I going to flare up an old injury? or is that lower back pain going to come back with vengeance if I even attempt to go to the gym? In […]

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