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Women & Activity Related Issues

Many myths related to understanding the differences between the sexes. This has held women back from participating in activity and sport for many years. It took 88 years before women were even allowed to participate in the Olympic marathon. It was believed that they were not strong enough to complete a marathon and that the […]

Achilles Tendon Pain – Is it holding you back?

Anatomy and Function of the Achilles Tendon Achilles tendinopathy pain is a result of inflammation in the lower leg. The tendon, itslef is located between your calf muscle and heel bone. Achilles tendinopathy is a type of tendon disorder that results in pain, swelling and impaired function. Pain may be experienced, at the mid-portion of […]

When Should I Start Physio?

Here at the clinic we often get people contacting us asking when should I start physio after injury or when in pain. They often say: ‘’My pain is achy, sharp or dull’’ ‘’I can’t pinpoint it!’’ ‘’It started ages ago when I was…..’’ ‘’My pain is constant or it comes and goes with certain movements’’’ […]