Dry Needling Dublin

If you would like the very best dry needling treatment in Dublin, you need to visit the Stepaside Physio website today. We are a dedicated practice based in the heart of the country that is able to perform treatment in all areas of physiotherapy, from headaches and neck pain to back and pregnancy pain. Whether you’re dealing with chronic pain or a recent injury, let us help you relieve your pain and regain your life.


Dry needling in Dublin is the insertion of sterile single use acupuncture needles directly

into myofascial (muscular) trigger points. These trigger points are composed of multiple tight contraction knots within the muscle, causing and contributing to pain within. By inserting these needs into trigger points, research has shown that this causes biochemical changes within the body – helping to reduce pain. Dry Needling is strictly based upon Western medicine principles of treating myofascial trigger points, which are different to traditional acupuncture points.


Here at Stepaside Physio, our goal as a practice is to help our patients to overcome their pain through diagnosis, treatment and education. Our physiotherapists have almost a decade of experience both nationally and internationally and have been educated to our industry’s highest standard and always provide the very best services. We also have an excellent reputation as a practice for our reliability, so you know we are the clinic you need to contact.


Are you interested in our dry needling treatment in Dublin? Please make sure to get in touch with a member of our excellent team today. Give Stepaside Physio a call on 01 910 7964 or send us an email to info@stepasidephysio.ie. Just leave your contact details and query, and we will get back to you as soon as we possibly can.